Casualty response

Care for your people on planet sea

We provide a fast, effective and efficient casualty response service to ensure that when an emergency occurs, all the necessary measures are taken to protect people, property and the planet. Combining professionalism with passion and commitment with courage, we stand ready to assist whenever the need arises.

The main objective of Skuld's casualty response service is to help our members to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency and ensure that all necessary measures are taken.

Strong teamwork between Skuld offices, our legal and technical expertise and representatives locally on-site efficiently protect our members' interests.

We have valuable experience from several high-profile cases in the recent past and we use our accumulated knowledge to serve our members.

Together with our members we aim at:
  • minimising loss of life and injury
  • minimising pollution and damage to the environment
  • minimising damage to the vessel, her cargo and other property
  • co-ordinating and controlling Skuld's response to the casualty
  • establishing clear communication lines with the member, public authorities, on-site personnel, insurers and other stakeholders
  • managing relations with the media
Casualty Response team

Our flexible casualty response team includes a casualty co-ordinator from the member's business unit. An initial on-site team will have a representative from Skuld's Technical Management as well as an internal Skuld maritime lawyer. Supporting resources from our head office or other business units may complement the team as needed.

The team will co-ordinate the surveying of the casualty and incident investigation and work with external resources. Above all, they will assist our member in handling the incident.