Image Credit: Perry Grone/Unsplash

Skuld Impact Day

A day where we give back to our local society

Skuld Impact Day is an important part of our sustainability initiative and raises awareness internally of Skuld's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can read more about Skuld's selected SDGs here.

Skuld Impact Day contributes to building an inclusive culture by connecting people and embracing a sustainable mindset amongst our colleagues.

Each of our worldwide offices chooses their own local charitable organisation or cause they want to support based on Skuld's purpose 'protecting ocean industries' or one of Skuld's selected SDGs. Activities vary from beach cleaning to setting up bumble bee hotels and nest boxes.

The very first Skuld Impact Day took place in December 2019 when our colleagues in Hamburg spent a day supporting the charitable organisation Hanseatic Help. Hanseatic Help's mission is to improve the lives of people in need and they support various projects that make positive impact for their local society.

Skuld Copenhagen conducted their Skuld Impact Day “Copenhagen canal clean-up” in June 2020 supporting SDG 14: Life Below Water.

The canal clean-up was done from sustainable GoBoats powered by solar electric engines to limit their environmental footprint. Everyone did a great effort in collecting plastic, metal and other rubbish and our Skuld team was positively surprised about how clean the canal was.