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FD&D Insurance

For comprehensive legal assistance

Our Defence Insurance, also known as FD&D (Freight Defence & Demurrage), provides members with access to Skuld's lawyers and their professional legal advice in non P&I matters.

Defence Insurance also covers costs incurred for necessary legal assistance in charterparty and other disputes directly connected with the operation of the vessel. The insurance is available to shipowners and charterers.

Skuld's Defence team

Many of our members rely on our advice and support in defence matters. Our Defence team is made up of professional lawyers representing over 16 different jurisdictions. Skuld Defence lawyers have extensive experience in handling disputes worldwide and operate around the clock in five different time zones.

Working closely with members and clients, they also deliver proactive assistance in reviewing relevant clauses in charterparties and contracts to minimise the risk of disputes.

Scope of cover

Defence insurance covers disputes arising out of for example the following:

  • Carriage of cargo, bills of lading and charterparties
  • Carriage of passengers
  • Crew employment contracts
  • Personal injuries or loss of life
  • Damage to property
  • Contracts with port agents
  • The use of port facilities and supplies to the vessel
  • Contracts with brokers
  • Loss, damage or delay to the vessel
  • General average, salvage and towage
  • Insurance contracts relating to the vessel
  • Repair, conversion or alteration of the vessel
  • Building, purchase, mortgaging or sale of the vessel 

See also Skuld's Statutes & Rules, Rules Part III, Defence Cover.


Frank Riley

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Defence
Direct: +47 22 00 22 65 Mobile: +47 952 92 265 E-mail:

Please contact Frank Riley or your Skuld representative for further details