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Crew Managers: Crew Managers' Liability Insurance

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Although it is usual for owners to co-insure crew managers in their P&I policy, crew managers are often required to have in place a parallel insurance for their own P&I and/or crew Personal Accident insurance. In certain circumstance even when an owner's P&I policy can respond to crew liability, some owners do not allow crew managers to be co-insured.There are also situations where owners might allow crew managers to get the benefit of compensation from their P&I policy, but this creates an impact on the crew management fee.

Our product is developed specifically for the purpose of protecting Crew Managers for their liability to crew members in accordance with relevant crew contract(s). The Assured (policy holder) is the crew manager regardless of whether the Association holds entry of the vessels.


The key objectives for this product are to:

  • provide cover for crew managers as policy holders
  • provide cover without requirement of vessel's entry
  • provide crew managers with a stable budget and costing
  • allow crew managers a better negotiation possibility vis-à-vis ship operators
  • enable full utilisation of the Association's claims expertise
  • enable full utilisation of the Association's legal expertise
  • enable full utilisation of the Association's local correspondent network
  • assist crew managers with loss prevention exercises
  • simplify administrative and reporting procedure.


The cover is afforded to the Assured's legal liability to crew members under the crew employment contracts or agreements, subject to contracts or agreements being approved by the Association. The scope of cover is based on Skuld's current rules for crew liability.


By separate agreement, we can extend cover to include liability for:

  • pre/post delivery crew
  • crew on earned pay leave
  • crew while on standby duty
  • crew while attending or travelling to/from seminars, briefings, debriefing etc.
  • crew member's spouse and/or children whilst on board the vessel

The total sum insured is any of the sums which the Assured require, depending on the total number of persons on board, plus an allowance for legal costs and expenses.


This product is available to any crew managers who have a crew of 100 or more in their employment. It is not a criterion for this product that Skuld has the vessel's entry for P&I.