Skuld to offer all P&I products in London

Press release

Published: 23 November 2014

Skuld, a leading marine insurance provider, continues its focus of growth and diversification, with the capability now to offer all Skuld P&I products from the London office, including Owners Mutual P&I / FDD and Charterers P&I / FDD. The move is a further step in Skuld’s evolution as a diversified marine insurer and represents more evidence of the company’s distinction from other P&I Clubs.

Douglas Jacobsohn, Skuld President & CEO says: “Skuld is service driven and this latest move enforces our commitment to provide members, clients and brokers with the very best service in the business. We have seen significant growth in the past 10 years, and in addition to diversification, it is essential that we enhance and invest in local capabilities to support our members and clients with P&I products. The expansion of our capabilities and commitment in London is key to our continued growth”
Skuld Vice President, Matthew Burton, will lead this extended local London P&I activity in addition to continuing to support Skuld’s Offshore P&I team. Burton says: “This is an exciting development in Skuld’s London offering and we can now welcome new P&I business from all London brokers.”

Skuld in London has over the past few years expanded and developed into a very strong P&I underwriting and claims team servicing global offshore, yacht and fixed premium P&I clients.
Along with P&I, Skuld London offers marine and energy cover for physical loss or damage, including hull, loss of hire, war, cargo and offshore and energy-related insurance products through its syndicate at Lloyd’s Skuld 1897.