Yacht owners

Skuld Yacht is specially designed for yacht owners' insurance needs and concerns. We offer standard liability cover and additional products tailored to individual yachting needs.

Main products

P&I Yacht

Skuld P&I Yacht is specially designed to cover the insurance needs of the Yacht community and provides a full liability cover tailored for the superyacht market with the assistance of key players in the yacht industry. Skuld’s proactive approach and specialist knowledge ensure the highest standards of quality.

FD&D Cover

Skuld Defence cover, also known as FD&D (Freight, Demurrage & Defence), provides members and assureds with access to comprehensive legal assistance and professional advice from Skuld's lawyers in shipping disputes included in the cover (non-P&I matters). This cover is available to shipowners and charterers.

Hull and Machinery

Skuld is a leading provider of Hull and Machinery insurance and associated covers to shipowners around the world. Hull and Machinery insurance covers physical damage and we provide our customers with high quality claims handling and loss prevention services.

Additional products

Contract: Extended Contractual Liability (ECL)

There may be occasions where members or clients enter into contracts which include liability and/or indemnity provisions which fall outside the scope of standard P&I / Liability cover. This is often the case for vessels operating in the offshore sector or in specialist operations but may also be the case in normal trade. Available for members and clients with full P&I or liability cover with Skuld.