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Skuld celebrating 120 years on 7 January 2017

7 January 1897 was the founding date for the P&I club Assuranceforeningen Skuld. 140 vessels or 150,000 GT were entered in the Oslo club during the first year. 120 years later we cover 6 400 units or 96 million GT on marine liability risks and provide a wide range of other marine insurance products, including Hull and Machinery. Skuld has grown into an ‘A’ rated worldwide marine insurer, still delivering excellent service and competence to our valued members, clients and brokers.


MLC financial security requirements

New financial security requirements under MLC amendments adopted in 2014 entered into force on 18 January 2017. Skuld started the process of issuing MLC financial security Certificates in December and has supplied members with more than 10,000 MLC Certificates.


Welcoming Skuld Marine Agency (SMA)

As of 1 January 2017, Gerling Norway/SMA (Scandinavian Marine Agency) will be renamed Skuld Marine Agency (SMA) and Skuld will offer Hull and Machinery insurance through two strong H&M platforms, either separately or in a combination.


Safely with Skuld - How to prevent losses onboard ship

An updated edition of this guide has been published and it looks at the major risks against which you are insured with Skuld


The Field

Skuld Offshore newsletter, published monthly

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Latest updates, advice and in depth guidance

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Rules & T&C

Skuld's Statutes, P&I Rules and Terms & Conditions

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MLC Clause

MLC Extension Clause 2016

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“Skuld will be a world leading marine insurance provider through innovation, financial strength and the talents of our people”