As one of the world’s leading providers of marine insurance solutions for shipowners, we provide P&I, H&M and tailor-made protection for a wide range of trades and operations worldwide.

Main products

P&I Mutual

P&I Fixed

FD&D Cover

Hull and Machinery

PEME programme

Optional and additional products

Optional: Extended Crew Cover

Optional: Extended Cargo Cover

Optional: Hague-Visby Rules waivers

Optional: Cargo Storage

Optional: Through Transport

Optional: Extended Contractual Liability

Optional: Extended Passenger Liability and Other persons cover clauses

Optional: Miscellaneous covers

Additional: Bunker Insurance

Additional: Cargo Handling Equipment

Additional: Cash On Board Insurance

Additional: Container Insurance

Additional: Freight At Risk – Time Insurance

Additional: Freight At Risk – Time Reducing

Additional: Freight At Risk – Voyage Insurance

Additional: Towage By The Entered Vessel

Additional: Towage Of The Entered Vessel