US Vessel Response Plans - Salvage and Marine Firefighting Requirements - update

IG Circular

Published: 22 October 2010

Circular issued by International Group clubs

Final Rule - 31 December 2008
Deadline for implementation - 22 February 2011 - Update

Salvage agreements

This circular applies to owners of tank vessels carrying oil calling at US ports

We refer to Circular of 23 August 2010 concerning the above, which provided a list of salvor contracts/funding agreements which had been reviewed  by the International Group.

On 27 September 2010 the US Coast Guard published Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular **(NVIC) No. 2-10** providing guidance for the implementation and enforcement of the requirements under the Final Rule.

This NVIC can be found using the following link and instructions for access: - select “What’s new?” and then **NVIC 2-10**

The NVIC provides a summary of the procedural steps necessary for updating owners’ existing vessel response plans as well as appendices containing answers to frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

We regret that in the previous circular there was an error in Annex 4 which contained a technical comparison of the contracts reviewed and a rate comparison. On page 4 there is an error under “contract” in the first two columns.  In addition T&T Bisso has published some new rates which came into effect on 1 September 2010.

A revised Annex 4 is attached updated and amended where relevant.  The amendments are shown in yellow.

There has been a small amendment to the DonjonSmit contract and this has been reissued with a new footer.

The current salvor contracts/funding agreements which have been reviewed by the International Group and found to conform with the Vessel Response Plan salvage guidelines are the following:

DonjonSmit July 2010, Version 1.1 on page 1 and Version 1.0 on subsequent pages
MRA Dated 2 August 2010
Resolve Dated 14 June 2010
T&T Bisso Non US - 22 April 2010 ; US - 15 June 2010

All Clubs in the International Group of P&I Clubs have issued similar circulars.