USA: Updates on environmental rules, regulations and practice


Published: 7 April 2014

Members are of course aware of the need to pay close attention to the detailed environmental legislation in place in the U.S., the provisions of which have to be followed strictly.

Accompanying this advisory are three client alerts, and one guidance document, from ECM Maritime Services in respect of:

  1. ECM Client Alert 08-2014: California issuing notices of violation
  2. ECM Client Alert 03-2014: Reciprocal coverage Western Canada ports
  3. ECM Client Alert 07-2014: Clarification of reciprocal OSRO coverage required in Strait of Juan de Fuca

Members calling in the areas concerned are advised to familiarise themselves with these updates.

For any U.S. related matters, Members are always free to contact Skuld's New York office for immediate assistance.

The Association is grateful to Messrs. ECM Maritime Services, with whose kind permission we are republishing their Client Alerts.