Singapore: Wreck Removal Convention in force from 8 September 2017


Published: 8 September 2017

This is a reminder for all members that Singapore has ratified the Wreck Removal Convention (WRC) which will enter into force in Singapore on 8 September 2017.

As members will be aware, the WRC requires among other matters owners of ships over 300 GT to have in place insurance to cover the costs of wreck removal. Skuld, like all the clubs within the International Group, has appropriate wreck removal cover available to their members. Owners of ships that call at ports of States which have already ratified the WRC and which mandate production of an insurance certificate (the "Blue Card") as a port entry requirement, are also required to carry a WRC State certificate as proof that they have in place adequate and appropriate insurance cover.

As the WRC will enter into force in Singapore on 8 September 2017, all Singapore-registered ships over 300 GT are required to carry on board a WRC certificate as well as the insurance certificate. Vessels registered in a State which is not a party to the Convention but which perform voyages to countries which are parties to the Convention must obtain a certificate from a State party.

Singapore-registered ships that are currently holding valid WRC State certificates issued by other recognised State parties are not required to apply for WRC State certificates from the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) until prior to the expiry of their existing WRC State certificates. The MPA has issued a Shipping Circular dated 17 August 2017 (No. 13 of 2017) to draw attention to the coming into force of the WRC in Singapore on 8 September 2017 and setting out the procedures to be taken by ship owners who need to procure a WRC State certificate by application to the MPA. The circular is attached and it is including sample application forms referred to and to whom enquiries may be directed to in the MPA.

The Association is grateful to SEABORNE Agencies Pte Ltd for contributing to this update.