MLC 2006: Singapore legislation

MLC 2006

Published: 22 April 2014

The Association has had reference to the MPA Circular no. 9 of 2014 of 31 March 2014, to which a link is provided along with the below advisory. The Association is also grateful to the Singapore Shipping Association for permission to republish their Notice of 1 April 2014.

The national legislation of Singapore which gives effect to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 came in to force on 1 April 2014.

Points to note include:

  1. Singapore flagged vessels need to ensure the Seafarer's Employment Agreement is carried on board, and supplied to the MPA when requested
  2. Vessels also need to comply with the reporting system of the Electronic Ship Information (ESI), which needs to be re-submitted if:
    a. there is a change in the ship's trading areas; or
    b. there is a change of the owner or manager, together with a change of the existing crew
  3. There is a need to comply with the requirements for keeping medicine and medical equipment on board, as per the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Medicines and Medical Equipment) Regulations 2014, which includes a 12 monthly inspection

In case Members have any queries with respect to these legislative and regulatory provisions, or with respect to the MLC 2006 in general, they are asked to contact their Business unit.