ISPS Code: The security decade 2004-2014

Loss Prevention

Published: 19 January 2015

This century has been, and continues to be dominated by security concerns, and the shipping industry is one of those most affected by changes in law, culture and practice. Gone are the days of the carefree port visits that older seafarers like to recall from when they were just starting out on their careers. Port calls these days tend to be short and intensive, and in many places seafarers do not receive the warm welcome of old.

Underpinning the regulatory framework for security in the shipping industry is the IMO's ISPS Code, which first came into force in 2004. While some may see it as "just another regulation" that has to be complied with by way of paperwork, it is a key part of the process of a ship's security and her ability to trade effectively across many different jurisdictions. In particular, but not exclusively, the US Coast Guard (USCG) takes compliance very seriously.

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