World leading marine insurer, second-to-none service provider

Skuld is a world leading marine insurance provider with a strong financial position and an 'A' rating with Standard & Poor's. As a service provider, we are second to none. Building on our past, we will protect you in the future. This is our present. With around 300 employees from around 30 nationalities, we provide a global service in 10 countries worldwide and are present where and when you need us.

Protecting people, property and planet

Skuld serves ocean industries. Our sustainable marine insurance solutions protect people, property and the planet. Our expertise benefits society by ensuring a precautionary and caring approach to foreseeable risks to health, safety and the environment in the marine world.

We are committed to providing members and clients with a comprehensive casualty response service and extensive loss prevention programmes to better safeguard casualties and prevent injury.

Sharing the same horizon

We continue to build on our past to ensure we protect our customers in the present, and we will work with you to help you adapt and respond to future risks.

Together, we all share the same horizon, the same values, and the same sustainable goals. Wherever you are in the world, we have one thing in common, to ensure zero harm to people, property and the planet.

Rest assured.