Loss Prevention

Our dedicated Loss Prevention team has more than 100 years of seafaring experience. We work closely and strategically with our members to help reduce operational risk.

What we do - Loss Prevention the Skuld Way

We have a range of measures and activities to help our members with loss prevention. We listen to individual needs and tailor make our service to suit each member.

Emergency response exercises

Emergency response exercises

Skuld Loss Prevention offers to conduct emergency exercises in accordance with the ISM Code and ISPS Code requirements. These exercises range in scale, encompassing smaller scenarios focused on testing communication lines, to larger-scale drills that assess both ship and shore organisations against their respective emergency exercise procedures.

Operational assessments

Operational assessments

We help our members by assessing their Safety Management- and Operational procedures. For this, we apply ISO 19011 methodology, which is defined as the standard setting forth guidelines for management auditing systems. We call this assessment and not an audit since we, at the completion of the assessment, will not issue a report with non-conformities.

Condition surveys

Condition surveys

Vessels under our P&I mutual insurance are surveyed according to the set IG criteria. The Skuld survey program goes beyond the IG criteria. When practical and cost efficient, Skuld will use their own technical managers from the Loss Prevention department to conduct the survey. This brings us closer to our members and we get to know the members and their seafarers better.

Our vision

Our vision

Skuld will provide world leading Loss Prevention Service to our members by working closely with them to help them reduce their operational risk. The aspirational goal is zero casualties for our members.

Loss Prevention Resources

Officers’ conferences

Participation in officers’ conferences is part of the Skuld Service. We may lecture on a specific topic based on a member’s request, or on topics based on trends we see in Skuld. Seafarers will be talking to seafarers and there are no barriers in place. We share our knowledge based on the club’s experience and that knowledge raises awareness. Sharing insight directly with officers and ratings in such forums is a risk mitigating tool which power should not be underestimated.

Skuld School for seafarers

Skuld is committed to contributing to a safer future for seafarers and a more informed maritime industry. In November 2023, we held the inaugural Skuld School for Seafarers in Manila in cooperation with NTC. We believe in empowering seafarers with knowledge about marine insurance so they can navigate safely at sea.

NTCM/Skuld courses

Skuld is dedicated to promoting a safer life at sea. To achieve this goal, Skuld has partnered with the Norwegian Training Centre (NTC) in Manila, the leading maritime and offshore simulator training service in the global community. Together, NTC and Skuld will develop and deliver a seminar series for Skuld customers, Mental Health for Seafarers. Additionally, we will create a series of safety videos, the first of which will explore the risk of cargo liquefaction, a danger to those on board.

Safely with Skuld

Skuld has created a guide called “Safely with Skuld” to help seafarers understand our organisation and their role in preventing shipboard losses and injuries. The guide provides valuable insights on handling damages, the environment, and understanding the responsibilities related to their vessels and cargo. It is designed to be comprehensive yet easy to read and is available to all clients of Skuld. You can contact your local Skuld office to get print versions of the guide.

Loss Prevention Team
Skuld has a loss prevention team with a broad and diversified background. The key competence is built upon life at sea and ship management. We understand our members' needs and we want to be seen as an extended arm of our members' organisation. Our goal is to reduce operational risk, and this will be achieved by working together.
  • Geir Jørgensen

    Senior Vice President, Global Head of Loss Prevention

    Office phone +47 22 00 22 36
    Mobile phone +47 400 39 898
  • Jia Hong Liu

    Assistant Vice President, Technical Manager

    Office phone +852 2836 4722
    Mobile phone +852 9885 8380
  • Anatoliy Frank

    Technical Manager and Senior Claims Executive, Skuld Hamburg

    Office phone +49 40 30998719
    Mobile phone +49 170 2273121
  • Dick Farrel Camoying

    Assistant Vice President, Technical Manager

    Office phone +47 22 00 22 29
    Mobile phone +47 952 92 267
  • Edward Wollaston

    Vice President, Casualty and Major Claims

  • Adrian Rognerud

    Assistant Vice President, Technical Manager

    Office phone +47 22 00 23 11
    Mobile phone +47 916 08 890
  • Morten Bjerregaard

    Assistant Vice President, Claims and Technical Manager

  • Martin Øhre

    Technical Manager

    Office phone +47 22 00 22 34
    Mobile phone +47 930 05 897
  • Simone Vitzthum

    Assistant Vice President, Loss Prevention, Lawyer

    Office phone +47 22 00 23 44
    Mobile phone +47 952 92 344
  • Arnt Stensen

    Assistant Vice President, Technical Manager

    Office phone +47 22 00 23 70
    Mobile phone +47 974 84 080
  • V. Rama Chandran

    Technical Manager

    Office phone +65 6433 7001
    Mobile phone +65 9658 8568