Welcome to the new skuld.com


Published: 14 March 2018

Our website has been updated, including a brand new logged-in area for members, brokers and clients.

To subscribe to news alerts from Skuld.com

Please note that everyone will need to (re-)register to receive email alerts, see registration form at the bottom of this page.
This also applies to previous subscribers to Skuld alerts.

To access the new logged-in area

If you, as a Skuld P&I member or broker or as a Fixed P&I or Charterer client, have not already received log-in access, please contact your Skuld representative.

The logged-in area gives access to:

  • Complete overview of entered vessels, including policy documents and certificates
  • Access to claims with current estimates
  • Access to relevant statistics, also available for download to Excel
  • Charter declaration

We hope you will enjoy the new Skuld.com and the new features available.

Best regards
Your Skuld team