Philippines: Toxic containers in Manila

Loss Prevention

Published: 27 October 2014

It has been an unwelcome part of the containerisation of shipping that the unscrupulous have exploited this (otherwise very positive) development to ship all manner of contraband, and even smuggle people.

Recent events in Manila, the Philippines, have thrown a spot light on the problem of mis-declaration of container contents as a way of dumping waste in developing nations.

It was reported that in January this year, a shipment of 50 containers was intercepted at the Port of Manila after being allegedly found to contain waste materials instead of the described “scrap plastic materials for recycling”.

The shipment originated from Canada and as both Canada and the Philippines are signatories to the Basel Convention, this allegedly toxic shipment was illegal.

The Association would like to remind members of the risks in the container trade with respect to the (possibly unknowing) transport of waste and hazardous materials.

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