MARPOL Annex VI: Guidance on compliance with sulphur ECA requirements


Published: 15 December 2014

With the MARPOL Annex VI deadline of 1 January 2015 being very imminent, further guidance has been published to assist owners and operators to get ready for this significant regulatory development.

The imminent change

With less than three weeks to go, the most significant regulatory change of a generation for marine fuels is about to take effect.

Much has already been written with respect to the regulations, their impact, and the Association would continue to urge members to prepare for the 1 January 2015.

The ICS and ECCA have produced a guidance document, republished here with their kind permission, which provides an overview of the changes coming in to effect soon, as well as giving practical advice not only for the actual use of the ultra-low sulphur fuel, but also on bunkering, fuel switch overs as well as the necessary documentation and record keeping.

There is also a useful section on Navigational Rghts and Freedoms under UNCLOS and how that sits alongside the laws and regulations for the investigation in to and enforcement of compliance with the MARPOL Annex VI regulations in designated ECA zones.

Further reading

The Association has produced a number of articles on these matters, and members wishing to know more are invited to consult them.

The Association is grateful to the International Chamber of Shipping as well as the European Community Shipowners' Associations' permission to re-publish their guide document.

Sealed fuel oil samples
Source: Skuld