2013 VGP eNOI Submission Update

Ballast water

Published: 20 November 2013


The 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) will go into effect for applicable vessels on 19 December 2013. Vessels that currently have active permit coverage under the 2008 VGP will need to submit a new electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) no later than 12 December 2013, to maintain uninterrupted coverage under the 2013 VGP. Otherwise, the eNOI must be submitted at least seven days in advance of operating in U.S. waters (0-3nm).

To facilitate resubmission of eNOIs for the 2013 VGP, the EPA developed a new electronic reporting system through their Central Data Exchange (CDX).

In the November Compliance Update we informed you of a new online Vessel-Specific Resubmission Form on our website. It was our intent to use this form to gather all of the required information for the 2013 eNOI submission. Many of you have begun completing the online form to provide us the required information necessary to submit the 2013 eNOI for your vessels.


The EPA recently released a batch upload file in excel that provides an alternative method for gathering the required data for the 2013 VGP eNOI. This method is recommended for those who have multiple vessels as it allows you to save time by copying data that is the same for multiple vessels where appropriate.

As a result we have decided to no longer use our online form and encourage all to use the batch upload excel file instead. Accordingly, we have replaced the online form with a link to download the batch upload excel file also linked below.

2013 eNOI Batch Upload Excel File – http://goo.gl/L4FGTY

Note: users of the batch upload file must enter the data exactly as indicated in the instructions found on the first worksheet tab of the excel file.

Those Who Have Already Used Our Online Form

All vessel-specific information previously submitted to us using the online form will be transferred to a batch upload file. If any data submitted using our form is found to be incomplete we will send a copy of the batch upload file to you to review and update before we upload it into the 2013 VGP eNOI System.

Those Who Use the Batch Upload Excel File

Witt O'Brien's remains ready to assist in submitting the 2013 eNOI. If you would like our assistance please send us your completed batch upload excel file at: vgp@wittobriens.com.

EPA Webinar

The EPA held a ninety minute webinar yesterday to provide an overview of the 2013 Vessel General Permit eNOI System. A recording of the presentation is available to view. This webinar is particularly helpful for those who will be submitting their own eNOIs. The EPA also used this webinar to introduce and provide a review of the new batch upload excel file.

You are welcome to view the webinar at any time.

Note: You must have GoToMeeting installed, or download the GoToMeeting codec to view the recording: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/codec and Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation.


For your convenience, below are the documents referenced in this circular.

2013 eNOI Batch Upload Excel File – http://goo.gl/L4FGTY

2013 eNOI Batch Upload Excel Sample - http://goo.gl/FpA1Dv

2013 eNOI Resubmission assistance– http://goo.gl/4EbNPI

2013 VGP Compliance Guide request – http://goo.gl/575F2y

EPA 2013 VGP eNOI System Webinar – http://goo.gl/2q7J53

Witt O'Brien's November Compliance Update – http://goo.gl/vSK1xA

Witt O'Brien's Compliance Update – 2013 EPA VGP – http://goo.gl/u47R16

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