Ballast Water Management

Ballast water

Published: 1 April 2014

Members will be aware of the upcoming Ballast Water Convention, and reference is made to the Association's previous updates in that regard.

While the maritime world awaits the eventual coming in to force of the Convention, a lot of thought is already being given as to how to deal with it in practice. One of the key decisions, especially for existing tonnage, is whether to retrofit a treatment system on the vessel or whether to consider a chemical solution. Both options come with advantages and disadvantages, and it is highly recommended that Ship-owners undertake careful research in to the options available before committing themselves to a particular solution.

In the attached article by Michael Haraldsson and Capt. Lloyd, some of the potential issues of the chemical solution are explored, for although it may seem to be a ready solution to the need for having a system on board, it may come with further issues of its own. These could potentially be serious, and again shipowners are advised to carefully investigate the same before committing to this particular solution.

The Association is grateful to Michael Haraldsson of Haraldsson Consulting and Capt. Michael Lloyd of Mines Rescue Marine for permitting the republishing of their article.