Steel Cargo Clause

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Published: 4 September 2009

Steel Cargoes - Cargo Condition Clausing

Carriage of Steel Cargoes Booklet Part 4 Section 2 


Steel Cargo Clausing - Commentary

Suitable for

Bills of lading.


Where cargo is not in apparent good order and condition, the carrier is entitled to insist on the bill of lading being claused to make sure that the cargo condition is accurately described.  It is also necessary for the carrier to avoid exaggerating the extent of any damage of defects.  This frequently raises problems in relation to steel cargoes. Descriptive clauses and other guidance is provided in the Skuld publication "Carriage of Steel Cargoes".

P&I Cover

P&I Cover is prejudiced if a bill of ladling or similar document is issued which contains a description of the cargo or its quantity or condition which the member or an officer of the vessel knows is incorrect (Rule 5.2.5b).