MERS virus: Renewed warning

MERS virus

Published: 20 May 2014

Key Advice

Good training and continued education of crew in relation to the importance of personal hygiene and good health care on board vessels are essential for safe trading.

Present situation

Following previous advice, the Association would now like to draw members' attention to the update from the NSA with respect to this health matter.

The virus has now been confirmed to have reached the United States after a person travelled from the Middle East to Chicago and this has prompted an increased warning level from the Centre for Disease Control in the US.

Advice includes recommendations for good personal hygiene and steps to be taken if illness follows.

Loss Prevention

Members calling at ports in affected areas should remind crew to:

  1. always practice good personal hygiene
  2. avoid going to shore side areas where they may be exposed to increased risk, particularly areas where there may be live animals
  3. report any sickness immediately, even if it appears to be minor
  4. pay attention to advice from a company doctor or other attending health care worker
  5. review company materials, guidelines and training for on board health care prior to calls in affected areas

The Association is grateful to the Norwegian Shipowners' Association for permission to republish their recent update on the MERS virus.