Zika virus: Singapore considered a Zika epidemic area

Zika virus

Published: 5 September 2016

Members are advised that as from 1 September 2016 Singapore is considered a Zika epidemic area and this may affect a vessel's entry into China.

As set out in our Member Advisory of 31 August 2016, vessels coming from Zika epidemic areas have to provide a Disinfection Certificate issued by the government or a qualified inspection institution.

While the impact of the Zika virus in Singapore is still evolving, it may affect vessels en route to China calling Singapore to load/discharge cargo as well as vessels taking on bunkers, even outside port limits.

There may be some local variations depending on which port in China a vessel is calling and which agents and our correspondents in China may advise on, but if in doubt it appears safer to assume that even calling at outside port limits (OPL) Singapore would, before entering China, require certification that the vessel has been fumigated for mosquitoe eradication.

Shipping agents in Singapore should be able to instruct professional fumigating companies which have internationally recognised certification standards.

Members are advised though to ensure such certification is accepted in the relevant port(s) in China and we also refer further to our Member Advisory of 31 August 2016.

We will continue to monitor the developments and provide further updates.