Maritime Labour Convention Extension Clause 2016

MLC 2006


This section of the website is intended to provide further information about financial security provided under the 2014 Amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention (2006) (MLC) which apply with effect from 18 January 2017. The 2014 Amendments can be found on the International Labour Organisation website.

When Certificates are issued, these are recorded on the vessel search facility on this website. These references are removed once steps have been taken to cancel the Certificates.

MLC Certificate Regulation 2.5.2 Standard A2.5.2

Repatriation costs, maintenance and contractual wages and entitlements – see Annex 1.

MLC Certificate Regulation 4.2, Standard A4.2.1 paragraph 1 (b)

Contractual payments for death or long term disability – see Annex 2.

These Certificates state that the security "is subject to certain conditions and limitations details of which can be found on the provider's website under "Maritime Labour Convention Extension Clause 2016".

Maritime Labour Convention Extension Clause 2016

See Annex 3.

Comments on Exclusion and Limitations

See Annex 4.