Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006: IG FAQs amended April 2019

MLC 2006

Published: 2 April 2019

The International Group published FAQs to provide guidance to shipowners in January 2017 when the financial security requirements under the 2014 Amendments to MLC entered into force.

The FAQs were last updated in August 2018 and some further amendments have now been made to reflect experience gained in the handling of repatriation claims by abandoned seafarers under Standard A2.5.2.

Amendments have been made to FAQs 22 and 25 in order to provide more clarity on the requirement that seafarers claiming under the financial security must be entitled to repatriation while serving on board the vessel as a result of a deemed abandonment as defined in MLC.

Comprehensive and up to date information on MLC 2006 is available on Skuld's website in the Insight section.