Turkey: Fines by Environmental Authorities - Warning


Published: 25 April 2007

The Association encourage their Members to exercise caution before discharging or spilling any water overboard in Turkish waters. Minor discharge may result in substantial fines.

The background for this warning is an incident where one of our Members carried out a hose test at Desan Shipyard, Tuzla. The crew used seawater from the yard and this water spilled from the deck and into the sea. While the vessel carried out the testing, Turkish Environmental Authorities came onboard and took samples of the water. After testing, the Authorities alleged that the water was dirty and fined Members USD 20,000 for pollution.
SKULD contacted their local representatives who advised that the vessel would be detained until the fine is paid in cash. However, if the fine was paid promptly, the Authorities would give a 25% discount.

In theory it is possible to appeal the fine at a later stage, but the chances of success are very small and an appeal is not recommended by SKULD’s Correspondents.