Dakar: Draft restrictions

Port news

Published: 15 April 2013

Members are asked to take note of the draft restrictions under different tidal conditions, and Masters are recommended to always check with local Agents prior to entry into a port whether the vessel's arrival draft does not exceed (a) any local restrictions and / or (b) will be a problem given the actual physical position of the port's maximum draft capacity.

If a vessel exceeds the maximum allowed / physically available draft, then entry may not be safe. This can have both contractual consequences, as well as practical delay and cost. Entering while the vessel exceeds the maximum available draft is not prudent and could lead to a grounding or other casualty situation. Groundings are presently one of the most frequent casualty type case experienced and can quickly lead to very significant claims and practical salvage challenges, especially when they occur at high tides.

When in doubt, Members and Masters should not hesitate to contact the Association and local Correspondents for assistance.

If Members have any queries, they are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is greatful to Correspondents Budd for sharing a translation of a recent circular issued by the Port of Dakar.