Argentina: Customs issues at Necochea

Port news

Published: 26 June 2015

30-day trial period of new regulation at Argentina's Port of Quequén /Necochea causing significant delays

Members should be aware of potential delays resulting from a new customs regulation being implemented at Argentina's Port of Quequén/Necochea.

According to local correspondent, on 16 June 2015, Argentine customs at Necochea commenced a 30-day trial implementation of a new regulation requiring all arriving vessels to submit a declaration of their stores in Spanish prior to performing cargo operations.

The new regulation is already being enforced and has caused significant delays and hassle, as operators scramble to comply with the unannounced regulation upon arrival.

Local agents at Necochea have protested the new regulation to customs authorities in Buenos Aires, to no effect.

As such, please be advised that if your vessel will call at Port of Quequén/Neochea, it would be abundantly prudent to have on hand a list of all stores in Spanish prior to arrival in order to prevent delay.

For vessel specific enquiries, members are asked to contact their usual Skuld business unit.

We are grateful to Ricardo Crisp, Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L., Argentina, for contributing to this article.