Bangladesh: Extra caution required when at Chittagong anchorage

Port news

Published: 19 March 2013

Members are advised to note that Masters must exercise extra caution while at Chittagong anchorage and the general port area, in order to avoid the risk of collisions and other accidents.

The anchorage can be affected by strong tides and currents, which can affect a vessel both (a) when already at anchor, but also (b) while manoeuvring in and / out of the anchorage. In particular during slow speed manoeuvring, the vessel may feel the effects of such tide & current, requiring particular care and attention during these periods.

The Association is grateful to Mr. Zalal Uddin Ahmed from Coast to Coast P&I Services for preparing the attached guidance notes, which Members hopefully find of assistance before their next call at Chittagong.

In case of any queries, Members are asked to contact the Association for further guidance and assistance.