Indonesia: Update on the enforcement of the 2009 Mining Law

Port news

Published: 22 January 2014

Members are referred to the Association's previous advices of 31 December 2013 and 9 and 13 January 2014.

As the implementation of the law remains a developing process, Members are advised to check the latest situation prior to any call in Indonesia for the purpose of lifting a mineral ore cargo. As far as possible Members should seek to check that the proposed cargo lift is legal and that the cargo has the necessary export license and that all due tax is paid.

Members may wish to consider including express terms in their fixture negotiation to ensure that it is warranted that the proposed shipment is legal at the time of the fixture and to accommodate for possible changes in that status post fixture conclusion. The Association can assist Members in this regard.

In the meantime, the Association is aware of situations where vessels have continued to be in a difficult position, with cargo laden on board, since before 12 January 2014 when the ban came in force. Some vessels have still not been able to depart.

Should Members face any difficult situation or have any other concerns, they are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is grateful to correspondents PT. Polynesia Bhakti for their summary overview of the enforcement of the 2009 Mining Law in Indonesia, which is re-published here for Member's reference.