Myanmar: Ports of Yangon

Port news

Published: 7 July 2014

The development

Members will no doubt be aware of the increasing role played by Myanmar in international shipping. The country is emerging from a period when US, EU and other sanctions applied, and it is becoming a fast growing participant in the global economy.

Myanmar has a wealth of natural resouces, including offshore oil and gas prospects, is a significant producer of of rice, garments as well as sawn wood cargoes. It is also a target for importers of construction, processed and consumer products.

Furthermore, Myanmar is starting to provide increasing numbers of crew to the international shipping community.

Loss prevention advice

Although no longer the capitol city, Yangon remains the largest city in Myanmar and home to its busiest ports. As more and more vessels are calling at these ports, and perhaps have had only limited prior experience with calls to Myanmar, it is important for members to ensure they have a good understanding of the local situation prior to arrival.

Key things to keep in mind are:

  1. vessels calling at ports in Yangon need to be aware of both length and draft restrictions
  2. compulsory pilotage for vessels over 200 gt
  3. arrival information needs to be supplied to the harbour master and local agent 48 hours in advance
  4. arrival and departure conditions can be challenging, and it is prudent to have the master on the bridge for both passages
  5. anchorages and approaches may be affected by strong tidal flows
  6. vessels may experience anchor dragging during strong weather and sea conditions
  7. attention needs to be paid to other marine traffic, especially small fishing vessels
  8. no radio free pratique is issued
  9. there may be a risk of robbery attempts at outer anchorage and Myanmar is not party to the ISPS Convention
  10. customs officers may board and stay on the vessel for periods during her call

Further details of the challenges and issues involving a call at a Yangon Port can be found in the attached port information sheet prepared by Capt. Ahmed Ruhullah of Henderson Marine Bangladesh Ltd and Henderson Myanmar.

Should members have further queries, they are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is grateful to Capt. Ahmed Ruhullah of Henderson Marine Bangladesh Ltd and Henderson Myanmar for contributing to this update.