Spain: Increase in port fees

Port news

Published: 1 April 2014

Members will be aware that all domestic and international commercial vessels entering a Spanish port pay a fee for the use of the local signposting and lighting system.

Following a new decree, which came in to force at the end of January 2014, this fee has been increased. The new fee will be based on a calculation of GTx0.035x0.57.

Private yachts also have to pay this increased fee.

The increased revenue levied by this fee will be used to part fund SASEMAR, which is the Spanish Maritime Rescue Public Company, responsible for maritime safety in Spain.

Collection of this increased fee will be handled by each local Port Authority as per previous arrangements.

In case of further query, Members are asked to contact the Association.

The Association has had reference to the INDECO News Bulletin of March 2014.