Ukraine: Developing situation - updated

Port news

Published: 7 March 2014

Urgent - Advisory to Members

Update 7 March 2014

The Association has now been advised that there may be Customs Authority issues over cargoes originating from Russia or Ukraine, but which transit through the other's territory.

Members may be aware of a news report that made mention of coal cargoes, originating from Russia, and shipped via the Port of Kerch as possibly being affected. Our Correspondents advise that this does appear to be an issue.

Members should check whether a cargo that they are intending to load in the Ukraine may have originated from the Russian Federation, and should ensure that all necessary customs formalities are attended to in detail.

The Association is grateful to Igor Cherezov of Dias, Ukraine, for further assistance in relation to this matter.

3 March 2014

Members will no doubt be aware of the news reporting with respect to developments in the Ukraine.

The Association has now been advised by Correspondents that there is a developing situation, which affects particularly the Crimean region.

Our Correspondents advise that so far this has not impacted on the day to day operations in ports outside of the Crimea, including Ports of Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Yuzhny, Mariupol and Berdvansk.

With respect of the Ports of Kherson and in the region of Nikolaev, our Correspondents advise that it may be prudent to have crews remain on vessels during any call to port, and in any event remain within port limits. Care may also be needed with respect to Ports of Kerch and Theodosia.

Prior to any call at Sevastopol, it would be recommended that Members seek up to date information from local Agents, possibly with the further assistance of Skuld Correspondents, in order to ascertain what may be the present situation locally.

In particular Members need to consider keeping a continuous watch on developments, not least if their planned operations would see the vessel call to / from the Crimea as part of a call at a number of ports of loading or discharging.

The Association is grateful to Igor Cherezov of Dias Marine Consulting, Odessa, Ukraine, for his input to this advice.