Ukraine: Paid permanent pass system in Ukrainian ports

Port news

Published: 25 March 2014

Members are no doubt aware of the developing situation affecting Ukraine. This advice is related to events that occurred prior to the present crisis and are not related to it.

Ukrainian ports including Odessa, Yuzhny and Llyichevsk have recently implemented a paid permanent pass system. Surveyors must possess such a pass to access ports and terminals in the region. The main features of this newly implemented pass system are as follows:

  • In order to have permanent passes to the port, a surveying company or P&I correspondent has to conclude an official contract with the port with a price list for various permits attached to it
  • Payment is charged on a yearly basis as a lump sum, regardless of how often surveyors or correspondents visited the port and how many vessels they attended
  • The cost of these annual permits can be significantly high
  • It usually takes about two working days to issue a permit - if an application is made on Friday, a surveyor will only be able to get on board on Tuesday, next week, at the earliest
  • These passes may only provide the correspondent / surveyor access to a few piers and not all ports and private transhipment terminals in the region.
    In the port of Yuzhny, for example, the permanent pass allows access to only four piers that constitute a small part of the ports territory.
    Correspondents / surveyors may have to pay larger sums to access other ports and private terminals.

Members should thus contact correspondents and surveyors well before calling at a port in Ukraine to ensure a pass has been procured in advance to minimize the risk of delay.

It is also important to highlight that a number of newly formed surveying companies have emerged in the region. These companies often advertise at prices that appear on first impression to be attractive. However, the Association is unable to recommend their use, without further information, as we have little or no experience with them. When uncertain, members are advised to contact their Business unit immediately or our Correspondents who may then be able to investigate the competency and legitimacy of the surveying company in question.

Separately, the International Group of P&I Clubs is still investigating the situation with respect to iron ore shipments from Yuzhny and it also impacts on the matter of Surveyors. The IG has previously issued a Group Circular on this issue.

As always, should Members have further queries, they are asked to contact the Association.

The Association is grateful to Correspondents DIAS and CIS for their assistance with this update.