Arctic checklist


Published: 16 February 2015

There are several factors that increase the challenge of sailing and trading in the Arctic:

  • Territorial and jurisdictional boundaries are not yet fully settled
  • Legal regimes are under development for new areas opening up, both at national and international level. Arctic Council member and observer states are increasingly busy, while Russia is developing domestic legislation independently of the group
  • Infrastructure in remote northern regions may be basic or, in some areas, non-existent
  • Vessels can easily sustain damage and crew can suffer injury and illness quickly in extreme temperatures. Help may be far away!
  • Dealing with a casualty and/or pollution can be particularly challenging in the Arctic

How can Skuld help?

Skuld is best placed to help members before the voyage takes place. The more known at the outset, the better the Association can assist. For example, Skuld can:

  • Help assess possible risks
  • Consider insurance cover limits and advise on possible additional covers
  • Assist with contracts before fixing
  • Source external experts
  • Act as a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas
  • Intervene more effectively during the voyage if necessary

Skuld has developed a checklist for shipowners operating in the Arctic. We strongly encourage our members to go through this list during the early stages of planning an Arctic operation, and to make sure that all the items are part of their internal risk assessment.