Procedures of navigation arrangement in water area of the Northern Sea Route


Published: 7 September 2013

Recently there have been queries from members as to permission of navigation from NSRA in the water area of Northern Sea Route in the Arctic.

The Northern Sea Route Administration has a functional official website The following information amongst others can be processed from Official NSRA's web page.

  • The Federal Law of Shipping in the Water Area of the Northern Sea Route;
  • Rules of Navigation in the water area of the NSR;
  • Information about movement of the vessels, Daily reporting format, recommendation about communication;
  • Application for admission to navigate in the NSR. E-mail for application to navigate is sent to;
  • Enclosure to the Application for admission to navigate in the NSR;
  • Refusal notification detailing reasons for refusal of permission;
  • Information about organizations which provide ice breaker assistance and ice pilotage;
  • Weather information includes expected type of ice conditions, long term ice forecast, synoptic maps;
  • Contact details of maritime rescue coordination centers, type of SAR facility available.

The above summary is for guidelines only and members are advised to check the NSRA official webpage for necessary information/details.

For further queries and assistance, members are advised to contact the Association.