China: Ship Emission Control Areas


Published: 18 December 2015

In accordance with The Air pollution Law of People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Transportation recently promulgated a Directive on P.R.C. Ship Emission Control Area (ECA).

The Directive for the prevention of Air Pollution from ships seeks to minimize airborne emissions from ships (sulphur oxides, nitrous oxides and particulate matters).

The details can be found in the enclosed documents prepared by China P&I Management, and we are grateful to Hai Tong law firm as well for advising that the penalties for non-compliance are as follows:

In accordance with The Law of Prevention of Air Pollution of PRC, where the ship is found in breach of the regulations, a fine of RMB10,000-100,000 will be imposed.

Hai Tong also stress that the Regulation of Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution to the Marine Environment requires the ship to keep bunker delivery document on board for three years and the sample of fuel for one year. If the ship fails to do so, a fine in amount of RMB2,000-RMB10,000 would be imposed.

The Association is grateful to China P&I Management for contributing to this article.