Loss prevention

Providing timely, accurate and actionable Loss Prevention advice is a key service to our members.

Through Skuld’s handling of claims and participation in industry fora we acquire in-depth knowledge regarding the risks faced by our members and clients. Transforming this knowledge into loss prevention advice serves to protect lives and the environment, financial assets and the profits and operational performance of our assureds and the club.

Also, the effective handling of recurring claims, i.e. those claims that happen time and again, is vital to ensure that members can control known risks in their business.

Loss Prevention and Recurring Claims 

At Skuld, we look at loss prevention and recurring claims as two sides of the same coin. Our Loss Prevention and Recurring Claims team (LPRC) is drawn from across Skuld's business units and Technical Management to provide a broad base of experience for our customers’ benefit.

The team co-ordinates the production of relevant advice on matters such as cargo risk, personal injury, pollution and many other topics. Information is shared both on our website and through direct contact with members and clients.

In addition, Skuld’s local business units arrange seminars, workshops and specific loss prevention programmes throughout the year, dealing with issues which assist our customers control the risks they face.

Feedback and Contributions

Your feedback and contribution is key. Our members and clients are on the very front line of the shipping business and are our best source of information for important topics. We would like to hear from you with your feedback on the advice we publish as well as your input or ideas for future topics. 

Thank you.

Please contact us at lossprevention@skuld.com