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Status on Skuld contacts

We are very mindful that the Coronavirus is a concern globally, and Skuld is continuously following and adhering to advice from national health authorities in local offices. This means that everyone in Skuld is now working full time from home. All travelling has been postponed and meetings will take place online, via Skype or by telephone. As a member, client or broker with Skuld, you can access your account data on logged-in pages, 24/7.

All our employees have access to fully functional home offices as we continue providing our members, clients and brokers with our usual high level of service during these uncertain times.

We always get back to you on emails as soon as possible. However, if you have a matter that needs to be attended to immediately, please feel free to send a text message or call your Skuld contact person.

The following offices are now fully operating from home offices, until further notice:

* Skuld Oslo

* Skuld Bergen

* Skuld Bermuda

* Skuld Copenhagen

* Skuld Hamburg

* Skuld Hong Kong

Skuld London

* Skuld New York

* Skuld Piraeus

Skuld Singapore  -  will be working from home until 1 June

Wishing you all the best for good health and stay safe.

Kind regards,
your Skuld team