Skuld Optional covers - Terms and Conditions 2020/21


Published: 8 January 2020

Skuld has now created one common set of regulations - Optional Covers Terms & Conditions - for products previously offered as separate additional covers.

Optional Covers Terms & Conditions are designed for insurance of risks falling outside of the scope of traditional P&I cover. Optional Covers will be defined in the Certificate of Optional Cover which will be issued together with the Certificate of Entry/Certificate of Insurance. The Certificate of Optional Cover incorporates the Optional Cover Terms & Conditions.

Optional Covers Terms & Conditions can be added to the mutual P&I cover, Owners Fixed P&I cover and Charterers cover. Optional Covers Terms & Conditions do not apply to offshore cover, which is offered separately under Offshore Terms & Conditions.

It is a pre-condition for purchasing an optional cover that the vessel is entered/insured with Skuld. Optional covers remain discretionary and are only offered with Skuld’s consent.

Skuld’s Optional Covers Terms and Conditions have now been published on our website. Please, see Conditions.