Our culture

The strongest tool for gaining a great culture in any organisation is the behaviour of its leaders. In a wider sense this applies to all colleagues as they demonstrate leadership behaviour, effectively lead themselves and act as Skuld ambassadors towards our members and clients.

Leadership principles


  • Share strategy and clarify goals and responsibilities
  • Display and promote competence and professionalism
  • Work to improve the quality of all products, processes and services


  • Take the initiative, go for new risks and explore new markets
  • Empower people, providing the elbowroom to take action and even make mistakes
  • Embrace transparency and share ideas freely across boundaries


  • Offer support and the opportunity for personal development and growth
  • Give and accept constructive feedback
  • Empower people to take action and make decisions


  • Keep promises - and deliver results
  • Are proactive - continually looking for and finding solutions
  • Build long-term relationships with our members and clients