Meet the team

Our people

Skuld people make up an international team characterised by high professional competence and a variety of legal, commercial, technical and maritime backgrounds.

"We care for our customers, keeping close to them and supporting them in their continuing challenges in the day-to-day shipping business. We are proud of creating value for them through our knowledge and competence."
Morten Bjerregaard, Senior Claims Executive, Master Mariner

"What we do and how we do it has a broader impact on our members’ businesses than simply on their insurance records. By listening to their concerns and approaching each case individually, we can make a difference in our members’ efforts to reach their goals."
Kjell Inge Frotvedt, Senior Claims Executive, Lawyer

"We think outside the box, always striving to achieve successful results for our members through creative and innovative means and bold and assertive action."
Nicole Tierney, Claims assistant

"We explore new markets and anticipate members’ needs. We have the courage and confidence to move out of our comfort zone today, to meet the challenges which may come tomorrow."
Fan Wei, VP Underwriting and Marketing

"Skuld has a bold diversification strategy. We constantly develop our product offerings and draw upon the competence and experience throughout Skuld, always placing our client first."
Sarah Wilson, Vice President, Hull London

"Our Skuld office is like a family, all working together toward the common goal of providing outstanding service for our members, and also supporting one another. We care about our members’ interests and we care about each other."
Noreen Arralde, Vice President

"Our members and clients operate in a very dynamic global environment. By constantly staying updated on regulatory and legal developments and changes, we aspire to meet their needs and provide them with accurate and up-to-date advice."
Daria Avdeeva, Corporate Legal Counsel

"The way we act and react in our daily operation ensures consistent, accurate and prompt service. Our internal values and transparent way of communication ensure a strong and long-lasting relationship with our members."
Stamatoula Stavrakouli, Underwriter H&M

"Our local service is much appreciated. Knowing our members’ and clients’ individual needs and challenges enables us to provide them with tailored covers and the quality service and competence that Skuld is renowned for."
Kate Li, Assistant Vice President, Underwriting