Our values

Skuld’s values were developed during an intensive process of employee workshops and generated extensive engagement. Since then, these four values have become fully integrated with the Skuld culture and guide the way we serve our customers.


  • Accuracy is the backbone of our approach to marine insurance
  • We never compromise on precision, reliability and quality
  • We assess and quantify risk at a correct price


  • We take a leading role in transforming our industry for future challenges
  • We look beyond today to envision the marine insurance industry of tomorrow
  • We embrace transparency - both internally and externally - as a foundation for innovation


  • We care for our customers - keeping close to them and their business
  • We care about our people - working together in teams and across organisational boundaries
  • We care for our business - sharing information and promoting diversity and entrepreneurial spirit


  • We have a passion for a hands-on approach to serving members and clients
  • We are committed to efficient and personalised claims handling
  • We are dedicated to serving our international customers - around the clock and across the globe