Notice to agencies

Skuld cooperates with a limited number of recruitment agencies to assist with sourcing of candidates for specific positions. Note that we only cooperate with agencies that have a signed agreement with Skuld specific to the office of recruitment.

Due to the GDPR regulations for handling personal data of candidates, Skuld will no longer accept CVs or candidate information by e-mail. All agencies with an agreement with Skuld is therefore given access to our recruitment system to provide candidate information in a secure way in compliance with the GDPR regulations.   

Any recruitment agencies without an agreement with Skuld does not have access to the system and is therefore not eligible to provide candidates or receive any fee. Further, Skuld will consider any candidate applications submitted to HR or hiring managers, without an agreement in place, to be the property of Skuld.

Skuld solely works with recruitment agents that demonstrate a high level of professionalism and integrity. Please contact us if you wish to submit an offer to provide recruiting services to us. Note that we will only contact recruitment agents we wish to proceed with.