Our Culture

The Skuld Way

Skuld has a strong company culture built on values that guide the way we serve our customers and how we treat our colleagues. Living our values we create a great workplace through teamwork, transparent communication and empowerment which allows each employee to develop both personally and professionally.

Our culture is reflected through a flat organisational structure where our employees are empowered in their daily work with a high level of responsibility and closeness to every area of our business in all areas. Each employee provides accurate advice, is encouraged to be bold and think new, cares for our members and clients and is self-driven and dedicated in their role.

Work-life balance in Skuld

Skuld relies on dedicated employees who are ready to act when needed. Our employees are the core of our service and we recognise that motivation and balance will ensure a sustainable work force. Skuld has focus on empowerment, flexibility and tailored working situations when needed. This enables a sound work-life balance where our employees have the possibility to manage their daily work and reduce stress in hectic times.

Sustainability in Skuld – creating a meaningful workplace

In Skuld we strive for sustainability for both our employees and the society. We care for our employees’ well-being and we are committed to be part of a sustainable future for the society through various global initiatives. 

Skuld invites all employees to support sustainability by taking part in our yearly Impact Day organised by every Skuld office. Through various initiatives we contribute to our local society.