Working for Skuld

Our goal is to plan for, recruit and retain staff members who at any given time best meet our members’ and our organisation's needs. We always look for resourceful, professional and socially skilled employees who can adapt to change and have a potential for growth.

We see the importance of our employees continuing to improve their skills so that each employee achieves optimal results for which she/he feels valued.


Skuld recognises the importance of competence development and encourages continuing education for all staff members.

Regular internal training is prioritised and our employees represent Skuld at seminars worldwide.

Our personnel policy emphasises internal career development and opportunities.

Values and culture

We build our business on established ethical guidelines and our values: Accurate - Bold - Caring - Dedicated.

Our offices are international and characterised by cultural diversity, which enriches our working environment.

Organisational satisfaction

Each year we carry out organisational satisfaction and leadership feedback surveys, as a part of our continuous development cycle.

Skuld attracts and retains competent staff and we are pleased to see that in general they express a very high degree of satisfaction with working in Skuld.

About Skuld

Skuld today:

  • Offices in Oslo (head office), Bergen, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, New York, Piraeus and Singapore
  • 270 highly dedicated employees go the extra mile for our members
  • Employees from more than 25 different countries
  • A large proportion of our employees have a legal background
  • A high percentage have more than four years of higher education
  • More than 15 of our staff have seafaring experience
  • Women represent 50% of our employees and hold positions at all levels