Our story

We are Skuld

To predict the future, one must know the past.
This is our present.

In Norse mythology, ‘Skuld’ is one of the three Norns (goddesses) who weave the threads of destiny. Urd, Verdande and Skuld bring together past, present and the future. Skuld is the youngest Norn, and she represents the future.

Established in Oslo in 1897, as a P&I club for Scandinavian shipowners, Skuld has grown into a leading global marine insurance provider protecting people, property and the planet. With headquarters in Oslo and a worldwide office network, we provide our members and clients with insurance solutions they can rely on for the future, 24 hours a day.

125 years young

Skuld has offered its services for more than 125 years. Over a century of protecting ocean industries has made us wiser, humbler, more caring and respectful. We know the past, we keep learning from it, and we are ready for the future.

Rest assured.
Share our strength – ‘A’ rated with Standard & Poor’s.

Reflecting how we continue to build on our past to ensure we protect our customers in the future, our 'A' Rating with Standard & Poor’s (S&P) was reaffirmed in July 2022.

S&P noted that Skuld has one of the strongest positions in the P&I market in terms of market position, brand, and product diversification. The expectation of S&P was that Skuld's capital adequacy will remain well above its 'AAA' benchmark over the next two years.

Our financial strength is your reassurance.

Caring for diversity
300 employees, 30 nationalities, 11 offices worldwide.

A strong company culture is built on strong values. Shared values guide the way we serve our customers and how we treat our colleagues. Our teams thrive on diversity. Our culture is reflected in a flat structure, like the ocean surface, but also with real depth – where employees are encouraged to think big and bold, and empowered to take personal responsibility for today and for the future.

Caring for equality
Acceptance looks the same from Bergen to Bermuda.

Living our values, we create a great workplace built on the pillars of teamwork, transparency and equality. Each and every employee is empowered to develop both personally and professionally.

Worldwide, our people are the beating heart of our business, and we pride ourselves in providing opportunities for all. As one team, we come together to deliver a service built on the foundation of trust.