Skuld is dedicated to protecting ocean industries. We support initiatives which contribute to marine humanitarian causes, safety at sea and marine education and heritage.

Skuld is also a leading sponsor of the maritime conference NorShipping, conducted every second year in Oslo.


Humanitarian cause

Africa Mercy – Hospital vessel
Mercy Ships is a humanitarian organisation based in London. The organisation runs the hospital vessel, Africa Mercy which offers free healthcare to people in need.

As well as completing thousands of urgent operations onboard its "floating hospital", the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships volunteers also work closely with host nations to improve the way healthcare is delivered across the country, by training and mentoring local medical staff, and renovating hospitals and clinics.
You can read more about the organisation at: https://www.mercyships.org.uk  


Safety at sea

Redningsselskapet (Oslo) – The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue
Redningsselskapet's purpose is to save lives, salvage assets and protect the coastal environment of Norwegian waters. The first rescue vessel started operating in 1893 and the organisation was first entered with Skuld in 1988. Today they operate 51 rescue vessels.
Read more at: http://www.redningsselskapet.no/english/ 


Marine education and heritage

Skuld sponsors the P&I insurance of several tall ships to support their important marine education as well as the marine heritage they represent. Skuld also sponsors the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Oslo (UiO).

Christian Radich (Oslo) – sailing/training vessel
Christian Radich was built in 1937 and was first entered in Skuld in 1976. Except for a period around the Second World War, she sailed as a training vessel until 1998. Since 2005, she is back as a training vessel along with commercial assignments. Her P&I insurance and part of her Hull insurance is sponsored by Skuld. 
Read more at: https://www.radich.no/en

Statsraad Lemkuhl (Bergen) – sailing/training vessel
Statsraad Lehmkuhl is Norway's largest and oldest square-rigged sailing ship and the pride of Bergen. She was first entered in Skuld in 1975. Her P&I insurance and part of her Hull insurance is sponsored by Skuld. Read more at: https://lehmkuhl.no/en/

In 2021-23, Statsraad Lehmkuhl will do a circumnavigation with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable future. See the intro film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmh4EgyAq9U

Danmark (Copenhagen) – training vessels
Danmark is a three-masted full-rigged vessel, 74 meters long including the bowsprit. She was built in 1932 and has been a training vessel ever since. She was entered in Skuld in 1933 and Skuld sponsors her P&I insurance. 
Read more at: https://www.mitmartec.dk/1210

Georg Stage (Copenhagen) – training vessel
Georg Stage is a three-masted full-rigged vessel, 54 meters long including the bowsprit. The first Georg Stage was built in 1882. Today’s training vessel was built in 1934-35 and was entered in Skuld from the start. Her P&I cover is sponsored by Skuld.
Read more at: https://georgstage.dk/skibet/  

Skibladner (Gjøvik) – paddle steamer
Skibladner was built 1854-56 and has sailed on Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake, ever since. She is the world's oldest preserved paddle steamer in timetabled service. In the summer season she sails between the local towns Gjøvik, Hamar and Lillehammer. Skibladner was entered with Skuld in 1975 and her P&I insurance is sponsored by Skuld. 
Read more at: https://www.skibladner.no 


Maritime Law at the University of Oslo (UiO)
Skuld is part of a collaboration project together with eight other marine or insurance contributors. The project is a 10-year commitment which will contribute to continued lectures in maritime and insurance law as well as related research at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law in Oslo.


Maritime conference

Skuld is one of the leading sponsors for Nor-Shipping, an international maritime conference which takes place every second year. This is where the maritime and ocean industries meet to connect, collaborate and facilitate sustainable success in the ocean space. Nor-Shipping operates as a hub for international decision makers from both the private and public spheres.

In 2019, more than 50,000 delegates and exhibitors from 47 countries and visitors from over 85 nations attended Nor-Shipping’s exhibition, conferences, seminars, executive meetings and social events. The next conference will be in June 2021.
Read more at: http://www.nor-shipping.com/