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Casualty Response

Casualty Response Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week:  +47 952 92 200
Call this number if you have an emergency where Skuld can assist!

Skuld acknowledges the fundamental importance of Casualty Response in all aspects of shipping. With valuable experience from several high profile cases in the recent past, we use our accumulated knowledge to serve members whenever the need arises. We stand ready to assist you when and where you need us.

Our Casualty Response is a flexible organisational tool for the early stages of a major event.

The main objective of the Casualty Response organisation is to assist Skuld and its members in responding quickly and effectively to an emergency, ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to protect Skuld and its members.

This includes measures designed to assist members to:

  • minimise loss of life and injury
  • minimise pollution and damage to the environment
  • minimise damage to the vessel, her cargo and other property
  • co-ordinate and control Skuld's response to a casualty
  • establish clear lines of communication with the member, public authorities, on-site personnel and representatives, insurers and other interested parties
  • manage relations with the media