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Technical Management

Technical Management

Skuld's Technical Management team assists members and clients as well as Skuld's claims handlers with maritime technical, nautical and cargo matters and is an important contributor to Skuld’s knowledge sharing. Technical Management will provide information regarding cargo, maritime technical and nautical issues which will be of benefit to our members and clients in preventing claims before they happen.

Skuld’s Technical Management team supports Skuld’s Casualty Response team in dealing with the crucial stages of a casualty. The controlling of risk as new vessels are entered in the club also resides with Technical Management.

Casualty response

Skuld's casualty response organisation allows us to maintain maximum flexibility and at the same time transfer and capitalise on crucial casualty response capability within the Club. Skuld's Technical management team has experienced staff who are on stand by and travels anywhere on short notice in order to assist members with the handling of a casualty.