Inclusive and diverse culture

"Inclusive and diverse culture" is one of Skuld's four strategic objectives and a central part of our sustainability efforts supporting SDG 3 "Good health and wellbeing" and SDG 10 "Reduced inequalities".

This is a long-term commitment supported by our participation in initiatives such as WISTA Norway's '40 by 30' pledge, the SHE Index and the UN's Women Empowerment Principles.

Promoting gender equality in the maritime industry

Skuld is a signatory to WISTA Norway's '40 by 30' pledge promoting diversity in the maritime industry and striving towards increasing the share of women in companies' leading positions to 40% by 2030.

Gender equality is a high priority for Skuld, and our overall goal is to achieve at least 40% of each gender in all managerial and key positions by 2025. We are pleased to have reached 38% in 2023.

Skuld has also committed to ensure equal salary level between genders at all levels (excl. CXO) by 2025.

Benchmarking our performance

Skuld's strong achievement in matters of gender equality and especially female leadership is reflected in our commitment to the SHE Index, which measures and compares gender balance within Scandinavian organisations. Skuld has improved its SHE Index scores year on year, with 64 points in 2022, up from 62 points in 2021.

Supporting women's empowerment

Skuld is a signatory to the UN Women Empowerment Principles supporting the advancement of equality between women and men in Skuld and in society. The principles present seven steps that business and other organisations can take to advance and empower women.


"In Skuld we promote an organisational culture which values gender equality and diversity. Providing equal employment and career development opportunities and increasing the percentage of women in managerial and key positions is closely linked to our strategy for the future."

Ståle Hansen, President and CEO, Skuld